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Two full albums & 2 Eps now available here

NEWS NEWS NEWS NEWS---August 11, 2014

Photos from the first two Black Light Music Series are HERE

Me or the Moon vinyl released!  Gallery of covers coming soon.
ME OR THE MOON album online.
PINK TOMB is finally released
"Rock & Roll for Breakfast" tape in the works 
Mbira/Ukelele project with umin in progress (track from new Umin album here)


August 10, Comfort Station, Chicago

August 27, Blacklight Music Series #2 (w/Hallowed Bells +more)

******ME OR THE MOON Vinyl Release show with Bobby Bare Jr
August 29, Motr pub, Cincinnati******

Sept. 12, Cafe Kerouac, Columbus, OH

Sept. 13, Rohs St Cafe, Cincinnati

Sept. 16, House Show, Chicago, write for details

Sept. 28, Blacklight Music #3 (w/Passerines, umin +more)
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